CIO. To begin with, can you tell us about the role of the CNAV within the social sphere and its main missions?

Veronique Puche. The National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) is a public body governed by private law. It manages the pension insurance network, which corresponds to the pension branch of the general social security system. This network includes 15 pension and occupational health insurance funds (Carsat), 4 general social security funds (CGSS) overseas and a social security fund in Mayotte. The Cnav covers employees, but also the self-employed since the end of the RSI.

Our main mission is to pay pensions and follow up on payments, as well as all the upstream preparation work. This involves, in particular, retrieving all career elements in order to assess benefit rights. We also have social action missions, aimed at helping the most vulnerable groups within the framework of inter-regime actions.

Pension insurance has about 21 million contributors and covers nearly 15 million retirees. In 2020, it paid 132.6 billion in benefits.

In this context, who are the CNAV’s IT department’s major clients?

We work for three categories of users. First, CNAV employees, to whom we provide workstations, collaboration tools and business management applications, for example for risk management, traceability of actions, etc. We also work for the insured. In the back office, we provide the tools to track careers and issue payments. We have also developed a range of services adapted to the expectations of policyholders, in particular on, with online services for all categories, active and retired. In 2020, the site exceeded 70 million visitors and 430,000 online pension requests were recorded in 2021. Finally, we work for our various partners, in particular other organizations in the social sphere and other pension schemes. We have about 200 partners, with whom we have an operator mission, and we exchange nearly 1.5 million files with them over a year.

And what are the main building blocks of the retirement information system?

At the functional level, the big bricks concern…

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