Founded in 1968, Savel (a poultry and rabbit slaughtering company) is a Breton agri-food group specializing in cockerel, guinea fowl and yellow chicken. The company has four industrial sites in France: three in Finistère (29), in Lannilis, Carhaix and Landerneau, and one in Maine-et-Loire (49), near Cholet. In 2021, when renewing its infrastructure, the group chose solutions from Lenovo ISG (Infrastructure Solutions Group), both for servers and storage.

Savel carries out audits and tenders at regular intervals to renew its server fleet, in order to maintain a level of services and performance in line with its needs. The group uses its environments over extended time slots, from 3am to 7/8pm, and it has between 300 and 600 users depending on the time of year. For this reason, the performance and robustness of the hardware are essential criteria, as well as high availability. “We try to stay within the warranty periods, without waiting for capacity saturation. We always require a guarantee of at least 5 years, which can be extended to a maximum of 6 or 7 years. Beyond that, the MTBF (mean time between failure) increases, there is indeed wear,” observes Arnaud Narvor, DSI at Savel.

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