Attached to the University of Nantes, the Faculty of Science and Technology welcomes 5,000 students and employs 500 agents. In its 11 laboratories work 100 researchers, but also 350 teacher-researchers and 200 doctoral students. The common IT service (SCI) of the faculty has 18 people, responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure and IT. Among its missions is the safeguarding of data, in particular those of research laboratories. In a heterogeneous environment, with an aging IT infrastructure and increasing data volumes, the SCI wanted to find a lasting solution to ensure data backup and protection.

For the faculty of science and technology, it was above all a question of not losing research data. It was necessary to be able to carry out a complete backup of the existing environments, protecting both data generated by machines and measuring instruments and administrative data, such as Office documents. After a conclusive proof of concept, the faculty chose Atempo’s Lina solution, a continuous backup tool in the cloud. Today, it protects around 150 workstations. “Lina allowed us to perform backups as we went along. Its ease of use gives users autonomy in backing up and restoring their data”, appreciates Guillaume Have, technical manager of the networks and servers division. “Thanks to this solution, the Faculty of Science and Technology has gained in quality of work and in peace of mind. »