– Google disconnects Hangouts in November. The service launched in 2013 to replace Google Talk is probably living its last moments. Indeed, on the firm’s blog, we learn that Hangouts users are invited to migrate to the Chat service. Google even gives a deadline: November 2022. This deadline concerns the Take out feature, which facilitates the migration from Hangouts to Chat while retaining conversation data. To educate users, Google will push messages encouraging migration.

RansomHouse claims AMD hack. A group of cybercriminals claim data theft at AMD. The hack is said to have taken place in early 2022. The group claims to have 450 GB of data from the chip designer. A specialist had access to a sample of data, which included system information, network files and passwords (relatively simple as “password” according to the hackers). The group emphasizes in its claim that it did not use ransomware to carry out its wrongdoing. Specialists question the reality of the facts and suspect the hacking of an AMD partner.

TSMC stronger than Intel. In terms of financial results, Wall Street analysts estimate that the Taiwanese manufacturer will increase its second-quarter revenue by 43% compared to the previous quarter, to reach $18.1 billion. Intel, on the other hand, is expected to see its revenue decline 2% from the previous quarter, to $17.98 billion over the same period. This state is indicative of the growing demand for outsourced chip manufacturing, fueled by companies like Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and Apple designing their own chips and outsourcing manufacturing to foundries like TSMC.