An AI plays Minecraft. OpenAI experts trained a neural network to play Minecraft at a level as high as human players. The AI ​​model was trained from 70,000 hours of different game footage. This training was supplemented with videos in which specific game tasks were performed via hotkeys and mouse movements. This method is called Video PreTraining (VPT). And the results are there, the AI ​​was able to perform all kinds of tasks, from swimming to hunting animals and eating meat. He has also mastered the “pillar jump”, a move in which the player places a block of material below him in the air in order to gain altitude. Perhaps most impressive is that the AI ​​was able to craft a diamond pickaxe, an exercise that requires a lot of successive actions.

1st promotion of computer science aggregation. History will remember that a man and a woman arrived major of the first promotion of the external aggregation of computer science. A total of 20 people were admitted to this competition (plus 3 on the complementary list). It was created in 2021 with the publication in the Official Journal of June 13, 2021 of the decree of May 17, 2021 “modifying the decree of December 28, 2009 fixing the sections and the methods of organization of the aggregation competitions”. This text drew up the various tests passed by the candidates for admissibility and admission.

Hitachi creates its cloud in Japan. The Japanese manufacturer relied on VMware to offer a public cloud offer. It claims a sovereign cloud to meet the demand of Asian customers sensitive to this problem. According to our colleagues from The Register, Hitachi would consider duplicating this type of architecture in other areas such as Australia for example. To be continued.