An insurer present in France since 1898, Swisslife wanted to reorganize the operation of its IT by setting up a common shared service center for the entire group in France. This center was to bring together two types of support: level 1 (daily supervision, incident recovery, request management, etc.) and level 2 (production analysis and engineering, definition of level 1 instructions and processes).

Level 2 was already entrusted to an entity of ITS Group, ITS Services. This outsourcing met expectations. When assigning level 1, Swisslife called on another entity of the same group, ITS Integra. The use of ITS Group satisfied Swisslife because the insurer was dealing with a company of similar size to its own, which facilitates a balanced or even partnership relationship. The use of two entities from the same group, able to collaborate easily together, was an important factor in the choice made. The services offered are both on-site (during office hours) and off-site (during extended hours).