Budget management of IT is clearly part of the scope of the CIO function. Leading the digital transformation, guaranteeing the performance and agility of the tools made available to the businesses or being a partner in the creation of company value in the service of the customer experience are imperatives. But the fact remains that the associated costs must be controlled. However, understanding and anticipating costs have become increasingly complex. Supplier business models are increasingly used. But this flexibility, attractive at first glance, often translates into insidious price increases. This is why CIO is organizing the conference IT Purchasing: The return of cost management which will take place in Paris on September 28, 2022.

The first challenge is to understand the costs and consequences of the architecture choices made. This is, for the cloud in particular, the principle of the FinOps approach. It is then necessary to anticipate the evolution of the costs according to the actual uses, not necessarily in line with the initial forecasts. This involves monitoring these uses, regardless of the terms: licenses, subscriptions, volume costs, etc. Finally, the CIO must manage the costs to stay within the planned budget lines or be able to alert users in time to change their practices or allocate more budget.