For 83% of IT decision makers worldwide, hybrid multicloud is the ideal architecture. This is the first lesson of the fourth annual edition of the Enterprise Cloud Index produced by Vanson Bourne on the order of Nutanix. Additionally, 64% of cloud deployments over the next three years are expected to be multicloud. But, for 87% of respondents, the success of such projects depends on simpler management of mixed cloud infrastructures. As a result, to address interoperability, security, cost, and data integration challenges, 83% say it is necessary to adopt hybrid multicloud.

Security and data integration are also, equally, in the first position of the difficulties associated with the multicloud (49% of respondents in agreement on each). The cost is right after (43%). While 61% of companies are striving to be more agile and flexible to withstand the health crisis, cloud migration is both a solution, therefore, but also a source of concern: for 80% of respondents, a migration cloud can be expensive and take a while. However, such a migration improves remote collaboration (40% of respondents), a better connection with customers (36%) and compliance with business continuity obligations (35%).