Microsoft isn’t just confined to Windows environments when it comes to security. The firm is also interested in Android terminals and Apple’s Mac through certain applications. Among them is Microsoft Defender, a specific preview of which has appeared on the firm’s store. The description of the app points out that “Security, simplified. Microsoft Defender is your personal defense against digital threats. “Secure your devices on all operating systems, including Windows, Apple and Android.” Windows Defender is Microsoft’s antimalware protection for Windows.

Technically, the Defender preview has been “available” for a while. But a few leaked images show what could be the app in action. Aggiornamenti Lumia, which also leaked upcoming Windows features on Twitter, posted a pair of images that hint Defender will be used to scan files and apps on Macs as well as Android devices. “Web protection” is also mentioned as a feature, implying that the software could also be used to assess internet links.

Other applications already available on Android and Mac

Microsoft already makes a number of its apps and services available on other platforms: Bing, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft’s Office apps are all available on Android, as is Teams for consumers. Office has also been ported to the Mac. Microsoft 365 Family (99 euros per year including tax, for a maximum of six people on PC, Mac, iOS and Android) is also cross-platform and Defender could be integrated into it. However, Microsoft’s plans will not be known until it launches.