Historically, LesFurets.com is one of the main insurance comparators in France. For this, it relies on 208 partners, including 78 insurance partners and more than 120 banks, and welcomes two million unique visitors per month to its site to generate 3.5 million quotes each year for all products combined. It guarantees its visitors the updating of information, the transparency of the classification methods used and complete information on the services offered by the compared services. In 2020, an overhaul of the LesFurets.com online service was decided on the one hand to make developments more agile, on the other hand to allow an extension of the activity to comparison on all types of recurring constrained expenses ( energy, fluids, etc.).

To gain adaptability at the infrastructure level, its online service was migrated to the Google cloud in 2020. The lack of flexibility of the old on-premise infrastructure prevented such an evolution which requires frequent changes. The migration also had the advantage of allowing the company to benefit as they become available from all the new technological bricks. Among the first innovations made after the migration, LesFurets.com implemented a unique data platform facilitating the exploitation of data by marketing specialists and allowing the technical team to focus on developments that bring value to trades without worrying about the lower layers.