What is Enterprise Architecture? The question seems quite curious in our time, but the vision of this profession is to say the least blurred in companies if we are to believe a study by the Enterprise Strategy Group institute carried out on the order of the publisher Mega International. Indeed, 44% of companies have a vision of enterprise architecture centered on IT (therefore on the tools allowing to model) against 26% centered on the business (therefore on the organization itself and the processes ). Only 18% of the architects surveyed are systematically consulted when the company changes its organization to develop even if only 58% of architects feel recognized internally. However, some services seem to have integrated the added value of enterprise architecture well.

Thus, 77% of security managers recognize the value of enterprise architecture in risk and compliance management. 46% of companies that primarily see the technological dimension of enterprise architecture recognize its essential role in the governance of data assets. Despite everything, 79% of business architects admit having difficulties collaborating with other departments and 80% that there are still too many manual processes in their company.

As a result, respondents almost unanimously confirm that projects are longer (95% of respondents) and more expensive (97%) than expected. But the value of enterprise architecture is increasingly recognized, which explains why, over the past two years, 99% of respondents say they have made investments in enterprise architecture tools and platforms and 70 % of organizations report that their investments in enterprise architecture have increased (15.7% growth on average), with 97% even anticipating several significant investments in the next two years.