After storage, it is of course the data layer that the future of certain companies like NetApp is playing out. For this, the American firm is patiently building its portfolio called CloudOps through acquisitions (Spot, the FinOps brick with CloudCheckr, the French Data Mechanics and automation with Fylamynt). Today, the group led by George Kurian announces another takeover, Instaclustr, for an undisclosed amount.

This company was founded in 2013 by Adam Zegelin, Ben Bromhead, Doug Stuart and Peter Lilley. Since its creation, it has raised $22.2 million and even made an acquisition in 2021, the German start-up Credativ. The latter provides expertise and support for PostgreSQL, Kubernetes and Debian. Because Instaclustr specializes in managed open source database services. It offers a cloud platform for various solutions such as Apache Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Zookeeper, Redis, Elasticsearch, but also Lucene or ScyllaDB. For Peter Lilley, CEO of Instaclustr, “companies want to take advantage of open source databases, pipelines and workflows without being overwhelmed by the complexity and cost of managing and operating them”.

This brick around the databases will be used by NetApp to expand its PaaS, known as CloudOps. “With Spot, we have moved from a storage company to a cloud operations platform combining storage and compute. Since then, we have created the foundations of our PaaS with Spot PC for Desktop as a Service and Spot Ocean for Apache Spark as a service,” said Anthony Lyle, Cloud Data Division Manager at NetApp, in a blog post. He even gives figures on the expected revenues in this area, “we went from almost zero 5 years ago to 469 million dollars in revenues in the 3th quarter of fiscal year 2022 with a forecast of 2 billion in revenue at the end of fiscal year 2026”.