Created in 2018, the start-up Combigo is above all a travel agency based on the classic economic model of its sector (margin on sales made, additional sales such as insurance, etc.). In 2021, the company achieved a business volume of 1.2 million euros and the growth observed month-on-month year-on-year is currently by a factor of two. But Combigo has the originality of offering travelers solutions to have the minimum impact on the environment, in addition to price comparison. “We are looking for possible routes to minimize both the price and the environmental footprint, routes that our competitors do not always offer”, explains Vincent El Khatib, co-founder and CTO at

For example, to go from a small French town to New York, a classic comparator or a traditional agency will offer the plane for the whole trip and a taxi or a private car to reach the nearest airport. Combigo will also offer a coach to reach a station then the train to Roissy and then only the plane. The different possibilities will be the subject of a classic cost calculation but also of an environmental footprint calculation. Vincent El Khatib acknowledges: “for the moment, we are basing ourselves on average carbon costs per kilometre, without taking into account the specificities of such a model of plane or coach, the difference between a take-off and a cruise flight , etc. Eventually, we think we will be able to make a more precise calculation in order to encourage the use of the best models of devices. The insurance offer has the particularity of covering the case of incidents between modes of transport such as, for example, a train delay resulting in a need to change air reservations.

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