To take stock of best practices in terms of IT agility at the service of business, CIO is organizing the CIO.experiences “Adaptive IT: the hour of industrialization” on April 12, 2022 (200 credits offered to participants registered with a CIO account). Experts from suppliers and witnesses from user companies will intervene to detail the best approaches, the methods to adopt and the mistakes to avoid.

As with every CIO.experiences, a very large account CIO will be our Grand Witness. This will accompany us throughout the morning. In addition to his own experience, he will deliver a more global vision and comment on the results of the study How to industrialize IT processes to support the agile company?.

A witness will explain how and why to adopt the platform approach to flexibly associate agile constituents. To guarantee the agility of the infrastructures, if the hybrid cloud is essential, it is not enough for the infrastructures to be agile, explained a second witness. To maintain control without losing agility, industrialization is necessary to move to real agility at scale with optimized costs. This is what a third witness will explain. Finally, to guarantee security without losing agility, a last witness details how to secure from the design stage.