Blue – formerly Bretagne Telecom – had the wind in its sails in 2021. After having crunched the Vendée integrator Océanis and betting on a local Atlantic arc to develop, the telecoms and cloud services (but also hosting) operator ended the year with 32 million euros in revenue. That is an increase of 27% on a like-for-like basis and 35% on a current basis taking into account the takeover of the Vendée-based IT services integrator Oceanis. This growth was accompanied by the recruitment of 25 people, bringing the total workforce to 150 employees.

The main contributor to Blue’s revenue growth: cybersecurity. The company has been advancing its offer for several years and took a step forward last September by proposing an offer presented under the name Blue Cyber. “We have invested 2 million euros in cybersecurity and we have decided to offer all our customers an offer based on HDS security rules (health data hosting) including double authentication, Bastion in admin environments , SOC for vulnerability analysis, SOAR for incident analysis and response, 24/7 supervision…”, explained Nicolas Boittin, founder and CEO of Blue. “There is a real awareness of business leaders about cyber risk, which is growing year after year”. Today, cybersecurity contributes half of Blue’s revenues compared to 20% in 2020. After ISO 27001 and HDS certifications, the company hopes to obtain the SecNumCloud label within about a year.

4 million subscriptions and an attrition rate of 1.5%

For 2022, 30 recruitments are underway, mainly technical profiles, including around ten for the cybersecurity activity. The company is aiming for a turnover of 37 million euros (organic growth), below previous increases in income. Should we see a shortness of breath there? “We cannot grow by 20% every time”, concedes Nicolas Boittin who prefers to highlight another indicator more relevant from his point of view: “We measure our growth with subscriptions which for us constitute 99% of turnover. business, and this year we expect 4 million like last year, with a churn rate close to 1.5%”.