The shortage of chips and supply chain problems ultimately did not prevent Apple from still shining with its financial results. Thursday, the apple firm published a turnover of $ 123.9 billion for the account of its first quarter of 2022 (ended at the end of December), or 11% better than during the previous 12 months. Of this amount, $104.4 billion (+9.14%) came from product sales and $19.5 billion (+23.82%) from the sale of services. For its part, operating profit jumped by 23.7% to $41.5 billion and net profit by 20.43% to $34.6 billion.

Boosted by the success of the iPhone 13, smartphone shipments alone generated 57.8% of Apple’s quarterly revenue. They appreciated by 9% (-3.2% in volume) compared to the first quarter of the 2021 financial year to settle at $71.6 billion. For their part, Mac sales generated more than $10 billion in billings for the first time (exactly $10.9 billion), or 25% (+6.2% in volume) better than one year over the year. ‘other. In terms of dynamism, services are doing almost as well with a turnover of 24% to $19.6 billion. As for references in the wearables, home and accessories category, they brought in $14.7 billion for Apple (+13%) during the quarter.

Only the iPads did not contribute to the rise in Apple’s overall revenue. Between October and December, sales of the manufacturer’s tablets fell 14% to $7.3 billion.